Sorry we haven’t been updating as much as we’d like. One of us had to go to the ER and have surgery but he’s all better now. So we are back. We have some new content to share with you guys!

We have completed another song. All we have to do now is finish up one more and we’ll be finished with our EP.

We also started doing “Ask Owl’s Teeth” videos. Here are the two we’ve done that we haven’t posted yet.

and there was this one…

If you have a question you want us to answer send it to

We also confirmed we will be doing a live set on Shoog Radio Kabf 88.3 fm @ 2pm on March the 25th. If you don’t have that station near you I believe you can tune in on the internet.

Right now we are recording this last song. We love and appreciate you guys! Keep coming back!

We did it!

We finally have finished our music video for “Hercules’ Crown Seat”. Take a look right here!

New Track

We uploaded a new song today. Check out “Sun Eating”!

We spent 15 hours yesterday working on recording our new track and working on our music video. Hopefully we’ll be posting a new music video today.

We have also been painting polyresin owls. We’ll be selling them for $20 a piece.

Things to do

We got a huge list of things on our docket to do.

We are still working on our EP. We spent all day yesterday recording “Balcony, Blue” but being the perfectionists we weren’t happy with what we did so we are going to cut it down to the basics and re-record things. It’s always neat to see how the different instruments and small changes can make a song turn out to be completely different. Today we spent recording a new song that has no title of yet. It’s a nice little number with a ukulele. Right now we are recording the guitar parts and next we’ll put vocals, piano, percussion, and finally we’ll add the synths and synth bass. After that we’ll have 1 more song and we’ll be finished with our first EP and be sending it off to record labels, press, and media outlets.

We’ve worked a few times on our live set. We will be spending a few times a week going through the set list and adding and subtracting things. Then we’ll be ready to start playing live shows and building local fan base. The internet isn’t enough. You can’t just build it and they’ll listen. You have to get out and give face time. We are excited about it. We’ll finally be able to show our talent to the world. We also will get lots of awesome merch to sell and have things to give away. As a band a lot of the money you make will come from merchandise. We don’t expect to be rich nor do we want to be. We just want to be able to play music more often and if we reach a point to do it as a job that would ideal. We put in hard work at our day jobs and with music and will continue. We send tracks to a few internet blogs and 1 record label. We haven’t heard back and we get it… they receive lots of mail a day and probably can’t listen to everything, so we’ll keep on trying.

Tomorrow we plan to go film the music video for “Sacred Geometry”. We have ideas for our video so filming it shouldn’t take very long and we can go back to working on songs. We are still working on our “Hercules’ Crown Seat” video. We’ve already spent 14 hours into post and hopefully will be finished soon.

As always we thank you guys for your support. Until next time! Mata ne…

So long no update…

We’re back. Stephen was sick with the flu for about 10 days and then Alan was sick after that. We are better now and ready to rock!. We have a couple of things going on right now. We’ve been running through a live set to get ready to start playing live and then head on tour. We are excited about reaching new fans and sharing our talent with the world. We know as a new band it will be hard to net fans and make the money we need to stay on tour so we will probably do “mini tours” around the south unless requested. We are also going to get our Electronic Press Kit and then start submitting our stuff to festivals.

We have been recording some new songs. We always like to challenge ourselves and push our skills to the limit. We don’t want our music to sound like some monotonous repetitious droning. We want variety and to have integrity as artists. We are looking at being done with our EP sometime this spring (hopefully March).

We have an album art contest going on. You design our album cover and we’ll give you $100, your artwork as a poster, and your artwork everywhere. Our EP is going to be called “Treeless Imagetures” so whatever you think that means go ahead and go all out. Runners up will have their stuff as album art work in the cd booklet when we get our album printed. Please submit your submissions to our facebook page or our email

This week we have ‘Hercules’ Crown Seat’ available for download! So get it while you can!

Break is over with…

With Christmas break and New Years over with and some time off for sickness (Stillman had the flu) we have returned. We plan to make this year a badass one filled with booze, fun, and jamming out. We got some sweet new equipment that should be helping us bring all kinds of new music. With that said we are looking forward to the new year and kicking some ass.

Sacred Geometry

We’ve been busy the last few weeks. We’ve gotten our Xmas gift which was a nice new mixer! Now we will be able to record some bonafide jams. We are much excited about that. We are trying to get our little room set up so we can start doing weekly vlogs.

We also finished recording a new song called ‘Sacred Geometry’.

In other news we were played on Shoog Radio 88.3 FM KABF today. We are excited that for a new band things are moving fast and well for us.

We hope that everyone is having a good holiday break! Be safe, and enjoy yourselves!!!

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